Silver Lining

"Enjoy the Journey"

Silver Lining has a mission to keep Dignity & Freedom in Senior Living communities and beyond. You will now be able to take part in community activities and continue to enjoy those small errands like you used to. We see every day as a Great Day! We see every journey you take as a part of your wonderful life and we want to celebrate each journey with you. Our Driver Concierges are waiting to journey along with you from your ‘home’, wherever that may be, all along your journey, and back home again. Life is a Wonderful Journey. Let us enjoy it with you!

Price is per hour NOT per passenger! Grab a Friend and Journey together today!

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You now have the freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please! With Silver Lining, a Driver Concierge will arrive in a clean chariot and accompany you on your journey to wherever that may be. Do you have a doctor’s appointment? Do you need to go to the store? Do you want to go visit a friend? How about going to lunch with a friend? Well, NOW you can do that by simply clicking on the Silver Lining Application icon.

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Journey Later

You know how your doctor gives you that follow up appointment when you leave the office? Well, you can ask your Driver Concierge if they can be the one to accompany you on future journeys! You can set up journeys for a later date by simply clicking on the Silver Lining Application icon.

Track Your Journey

Now you and your family members can see exactly where you are, every step of your journey, with one of Silver Lining’s Driver Concierges. Even if you should extend your journey to run an extra errand or two, your whereabouts will be easily accessible by you and your family members!

Silver Lining prides itself on QUALITY!  We know that when our clients are able to journey outside of the Senior Living community it is a SPECIAL event!  It is a time to put on our best clothes and maybe some lipstick and enjoy the scenery of that journey.  It is not just a destination, it is a journey.  We consider it a privilege to journey along with you or your family member and will do our best to make it a great experience.

“Silver Lining is the ride sharing application our residents and families have been waiting for. Ellen Woods and her team have addressed the unique needs of senior clientele interested in maintaining dignity and independence while trusting the safety and integrity of Silver Lining. The true differentiator is the peace of mind families have that companion drivers will be present and available for the duration of each scheduled trip, both out and back – game changer for seniors. Northbridge Companies is proud to partner with Silver Lining.”


Jennifer Hastings
Vice President of Marketing, Northbridge Companies

“The Concierge Transportation services provided by Silver Lining is exactly what seniors need! This is the key for remaining independent at home. Safety and reliable drivers are what set this company apart from other transportation companies!”


Sailynn Doyle, Florida
Former Home Instead Senior Care Owner

“I’ve worked in the senior industry for over 20 years, thank goodness someone is finally providing this much needed service. Seniors need more than a ride to a doctor or the store, they need someone to assist or simply to be there with them, Silver Lining is an amazing company founded by one of the most passionate advocates for seniors I’ve ever met.”


Brian Newmark

“I have worked in the Senior Living community and there is a great need for this type of service. Thank you Ellen for filling in a greatly needed niche”


Charlotte, NC

“What a great service! I know so many seniors who still want to continue their lifestyle even though residing in Sr. Living communities. They can continue to go to their social events, hair dresser, clubs and the quality of life CAN now continue. Great job Silver Lining! “


Pauline W., RI