Will the driver stay with my parents at the doctor visit?

Yes. “Driver Concierge” is the term we use for a reason. Our Driver Concierge’s are not just a means to get somewhere. They are there to enjoy the everyday journeys with our clients. You have the option of requesting 2 journeys – drive them there – leave – pick them up at a later time. OR You can request one journey for an hour or 2. YOU have the choice. And you can choose the same Driver over and over so a ‘relationship’ can be formed! Always nice to see the same friendly face!

My parents still live at home. Will you pick them up from home and take them where they need to go?

Silver Lining is focusing mainly on families in senior living communities as we see the urgent need to keep this population active in the community. We know, however, that there is a transportation need for individuals who live at home too! Silver Lining is available to take anyone on a journey!
Business Transportation – Airport Runs – Dr. Visits etc.
We are here to take you on your Journey.

My mother requires the use of a walker. Will the driver help her with getting in and out of the car?

Our Driver Concierges are aware that some passengers may require assistance and are willing to help. Our Driver Concierge’sare not handicap trained, nor are their vehicles handicap accessible. Silver Lining can and will connect anyone needing a higher level of assistance with another well-trained, appropriately equipped local transportation service. Silver Lining CONNECTS those needing a ride to one of our Driver Concierges OR a better-equipped outside transportation service should the need arise.

Is there a minimum driving distance or driving time?

Our Driver Concierges are paid by the hour and they get paid a one hour minimum. After the first hour they are paid in 15 min. increments. So, enjoy the journey with your Driver Concierge and stop and smell those roses if you have the time to do so!

Do you do background checks on your drivers?

Yes, we do an initial background check and we also continue to do them on an ongoing basis.

My mother flies frequently to visit friends in Florida. Can Silver Lining drive her to the airport?

Absolutely. The Driver Concierge can safely see your mother to and from the airport, and can assist her, should she need help with carrying luggage, for instance. We will be in Florida soon so she can even request a Driver Concierge pick her up in Florida and bring her right to her friends’ doorstep!

What if the passenger wants to change destinations or make multiple stops?

That’s OK! Our Drivers Concierges are paid by the hour. Encourage your passenger to enjoy life to the fullest and accompany them to wherever it is they need or want to go, as long as you have the time to do so. They request these journeys in advance, but sometimes they want to continue their Journey a bit longer! That’s what Silver Lining is ALL About!!

Can Dr. offices set up and maybe even pay for this service for their patients to ensure that they get to their important Dr. appointments?

Absolutely. Rumor has it that some doctors already use “other” Ride-share companies. When using those companies, they have had experiences where patients have to wait until a driver from that company is in the area.  Sometimes they wait for hours! With Silver Lining, journeys can be scheduled in advance with a specific Driver Concierge. They can request the same Driver Concierge each time and relationships can be formed. The quality of Silver Lining will give the doctor confidence knowing that their patient will have a quality Concierge in their travels until they arrive home safely. They will also know they will be there when asked and not hours later.

How do I report a problem?

If you have a question, or need to report a problem, please email us at customercare@silverliningapp.com. We also have a 24/7 hotline, should you need to speak with customer service immediately at (877) 756-8763.

I want to be a Driver Concierge for Silver Lining? Do I need to use my own car?

Yes, all of our Driver Concierges use their own vehicles and must add the TNC endorsement onto their existing auto insurance, which is a small, yearly additional cost. Silver Lining has additional insurance for the protection of Driver Concierges and passengers as well.

What is the difference between Silver Lining and other ridesharing companies?

The difference is in the quality of service Silver Lining provides to all of our passengers, as well as the value we place on our Driver Concierges. Our Application is designed so that you can SEE the faces of our Driver Concierges and choose the same Driver Concierge over and over should you enjoy journeying with them. Our Application also allows you to choose a Driver Concierge whose life and work experiences are compatible with yours. Were you a Dr.? Use our ‘menu item options’ to choose a Driver Concierge who was or is in the medical field. Compatibility and relationship are the heartbeat of Silver Lining. Do you speak a different language? Use our criteria menu to see if a local Driver Concierge speaks the same language! We want you to feel comfortable as you go on your life journeys. These are features that make Silver Lining a more personal experience than the other ridesharing application companies.
Our Driver Concierges are available by the HOUR so they CAN stay with you for your entire journey OR you can have them bring you to your destination and then request IN ADVANCE that they come and get you at a certain time. It’s like having your OWN personal Driver Concierge. It’s a relationship that can be formed over time. You can request the same Driver Concierge via our electronic application. Silver Lining has a mission to keep Dignity & Freedom in Senior Living communities and beyond. We strive to provide our passengers with the safest, healthiest, most satisfying journeys of upmost quality and professionalism!